For 21 years edwin brantley smith + associates, a Dallas based design firm has been involved in the design of numerous architecturally significant structures throughout the United States. The architectural and interior design firm specializes in renovations, commercial, corporate, technological and industrial design. The firm's key objective is creating unique environments that successfully implement client goals, needs and expectations. Projects range from large scale master planning and corporate facilities to smaller detailed design studies and residences.

Client sectors include the following: corporate, financial, development, institutional, civic and private. The design firm comprises professionals and the technical staff necessary to complete projects from conception through construction completion and startup. We partner with our clients to increase creative thought processes and consider all relevant factors of a particular project's design.

The success of edwin brantley smith + associates relies on quality and expertise combining both creative and technical talents. Today's structures have advanced and systems oriented characteristics requiring state-of-the-art knowledge and evolving applications sensitive to client needs and budgets. Our multifaceted design experience provides a total, services-oriented firm eager to meet client demands. Flexibility, expandability, dependability and reliability are key in defining superior buildings in the world. The achievement of a superior product, a motivated endeavor for excellence and a spirit for design fuel our continued success.


Architecture is a passion for edwin brantley smith + associates. We constantly explore new and distinctive ways to solve problems. The unique is sometimes the obvious. Our design approach begins with an inclusive understanding of existing conditions, situations, and program. Once documented, these components form the base for the conceptual process. Extensive client involvement, interaction, budget and concept testing result in the right solution for the problem.
The development of the design transforms specific, detailed client requirements into workable solutions. Our goal is to provide clients with flexibility within the design to adapt to change. This designed flexibility greatly reduces or eliminates change costs.
Our seasoned technical staff produces intricate, three-dimensional space drawings. We pride ourselves in precision document coordination and technical reliability. Experience with industry standards and regional construction techniques enables us to keep detailing simple, clean and elegant.
Project construction is the realization of the client's goals. We closely monitor the process, advising and guarding the client's interest. Our administration checks all specified material for conformance and application. Occupancy and start up are coordinated as another phase of the project to ensure it is on schedule and successful. 
After the first year of occupancy, we analyze the building’s performance, materials and design decisions and compare them with the client’s goals. This performance evaluation helps projects continue to be successful.
Edwin Brantley Smith + Associates is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that are technically superior and easily constructed. Our priority is client satisfaction through design and service


Planning is the most important aspect in the life of a project. The economic success and unique characteristics of a project begin with a logical and flexible plan. edwin brantley smith + associates is dedicated to providing premium planning processes to leverage environmental, economic and long-range goals.
Our process begins with the establishment of a planning methodology. This includes on-site workshops to generate suggestions, criteria and goals. Once established, a framework is formed for the development criteria, which becomes the standard for comparing multiple schemes.
We extract a wealth of information from the context of the site. Every property, site and location has its own "sense of place". We attempt to take advantage of these special characteristics. Whether they are environmental, visual, accessible or other, every effort is made to define and enhance these features.
Site specifics define existing conditions such as physical, environmental, historical, economic and social. Research gleans as much recorded information as available. Observation and trend definition also come into play. Land use concepts are developed using the gathered site information.
These concepts underlay the intricate plan eventually developed for the site. Each plan is a flexible map for the project development. Our planning process attempts to combine adaptability and versatility with solid ideas for the future.
Edwin Brantley Smith + Associates listens and responds to client needs and goals. We pride ourselves on simple, yet elegant plans. We believe a successful project is born from a successful plan.

interior design

The design staff is comprised of architects and interior designers well versed in working within specific client requirements and fixed budgets. A part of our practice focuses on establishing finish and furniture standards for corporate clients with multiple property holdings. We also create unique spaces that provide settings for specific client needs and goals. Our ability to design complex facilities, incorporating the latest in technological systems with simple and easily maintained spaces is one of our strongest attributes.
Our designs are intended to enhance the style, image and efficiency of spaces while solving client needs. We work with the client during the decision process keeping them current on budget, scheduling and product availability.
Part of the process involves consulting with major product manufacturers. We explore the available materials best suited to fill the need. Frequently, when quantities are extensive, products are refined to fit the unique requirements of the project. Price negotiations on products and special considerations are always a priority.
Our additional knowledge and experience in the furniture industry enables us to provide a palette of solutions best suited for each situation. We research the client's eligibility to receive special discounts on certain product lines based on local, state, or federal status.
edwin brantley smith + associates follows through, from conception to construction and installation, affirming client satisfaction. We have the experience, knowledge and foresight to ensure the success of your project.